Monday, January 19, 2009

Priest Laurel Conference

Priest Laurel Conference is coming up soon and will be a great opportunity for young men and young women to get a head start on their future. This event is open to all people ages 16-18 who are interested in attending the event. Below Is a description of the classes being offered to sign up simply click

1. Personal Finance by Steve Snowden This course will help you get a running start to the basics of personal finance and self-sufficiency. This course will explore the following areas:
Budgeting, Principles of credit/debt/interest, How to avoid Credit Card and Consumer Debt, Saving/ Building a reserve
2. Getting a Head Start on your Future Career by NJ Pesci This course will provide practical ideas to help you prepare for your career. It will explore ideas such as:
Education as a foundation for your future, Gaining valuable work and life experiences, Exploring your own interests and passions, Developing good habits, Things to consider when choosing a career
3. Making the Most of your Job by Cora Lee This course will help you understand how to prepare for a new job and how to become a real good employee. This course will help you achieve your goal of being successfully employed by:
Helping you understand what your future employer is looking for, How to put your best foot forward when you start working, Do's/ Don'ts of being successfully employed
4. Preach My Gospel 101 by George Rhalf Preach my Gospel is an amazing book and a great tool for missionaries to use, but where do you start? Beginning? Middle? and when I'm studying, what should I look for? All these questions will be answered in the Preach My Gospel 101 curriculum. Even if you don't plan on going on a mission, this course can still help you by providing excellent home-teaching lessons and great insight to the Lord's gospel.
5. Interviewing Skills 101 by Brother Savage Imagine you are in an interview for your dream job and the interviewer asks, "Let's begin shall we?" Oh no! What do you say? Where do you begin to describe your utmost determination and desire for this job? This can be very frightening and frustrating when you know you are more than qualified for the job, but your interview can make or break the deal! Sign up to fine-tune your interviewing skills and eventually knock the socks off a future interviewer.
6. Mission/College Prep by Brother Jeremy Curtis This course will examine the skills, talents, materials and motivation you will need in order to prepare you for your future mission and college life. You will learn to acquire good study habits and other tools for success while living on your own.
7. Personal Gospel Study by Brother Douglas Partlow This course will focus on the importance of having daily personal scripture study and the positive blessings and affects this will have on your life. This course will also provide practical ideas to improve your personal gospel study.

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